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DARE TO BE WILD! / Issue #1




#1.  Clearing the Mind----The Stream of Consciousness Journal

 This simple daily practice will clear your mind and give you more energy and excitement for creative  possibilities to flow through you.  The Stream of Consciousness Journal helps clarify, prioritize, synchronize and give you more confidence in your own direction. 

Write long hand for 20 minutes each morning without stopping, without editing, without thinking.  

Write anything and everything that comes to mind.  It is only for you.  There is no "right" or "wrong" way to write in your Steam of Consciousness Journal.  No need to ever read them once they are done. 

Do this practice for one month......See what happens.  Then do it for one more month before deciding anything about this practice.  By the third month, you will begin to see a big change in how you view the day, have more energy for your creativity.....  Observe what it feels like to write your Stream of Consciousness Journal each day and what affect it may have on your own creative process.


#2 Inspirational vision Board

Allow yourself to "feel into" what inspires you, what you find meaningful in your life.  Find photos of things that excite you, make you happy, that make your life richer, tender, joyful and loving------images that come from the heart.  It can also include poetry, memories, dreams, love, a studio, music, etc. It could be photos of friends or families or someone extraordinary to you.  It can be images of beauty, your closeness to nature such as a tree, a flower, or it can be words that melt your heart.   

Create a collage of these images with words and colors to reflect how you feel.  Pin up this Inspirational Vision Board near your creative space and look at every day for one month. 

These inspirations will expand you, uplift you, call to you and excite you.  Begin to say YES! to these feelings and inspirations.  Notice how these inspirations work on you to open you to a bigger vision. 


#3 Daily Appreciation

Appreciation is about the opening up of our heart. When we give up our sense of self-importance, and our own feeling of separateness, and are able to let in, admire and fully focus our feelings to another, and object, or a subject, with deep understanding, then we enter the tender, and overwhelming feeling of Appreciation.

The feeling of the importance of life as a whole comes pouring into us, and the meaning of something much larger than ourselves becomes our paramount focus. And a soothing and lovely feeling of oneness and unity permeates our being. 

Start a small book of daily appreciations.  Whenever you are moved to be grateful no matter how large or small, take a moment to write it down and feel into you gratefulness.

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