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Becoming Your Inner Vision ... SAYING YES!


Janet Echelman

Janet Echelman

We are creative beings.  Some of us are compelled to express this creativity without hesitation.  Some of us feel that something is "whispering" to us, "come, you have riches inside you and the world needs you to share them."  Do we dare to follow this?  Others sense a longing or a pulling but it may be mixed with an uncertainty of how to express or what wants to be expressed through us. 

Listening to your inner voices filled with desires, dreams and goals . . . these are the voices of your Soul, inviting you to dare to live your dreams. This is the exploration for Volume 1, the first Month's Topic.  

Grant and Suzanne both experience that to create is aliveness and connection, to create is Love expressed, to create is sharing their individual uniqueness to the world.  In this process, Grant and Suzanne found it continually takes courage, risks, stillness, openness, humility, and a willingness to say a resounding Yes!  So, in honor of creativity and in the spirit of  sharing about their own personal journeys Grant and Suzanne speak personally about what inspires them to stay connected to their creativity and how they share it with the world. 

In this first Issue of Dare to be Wild are  featured ways to shift to thinking bigger, to more imagined possibilities, guided meditation to relax the mind and open to spaciousness as a doorway to Creativity,  quotes from those who have been Creatives before us,  videos of how others change their thoughts and create against the odds,  simple practices to get started on an inner journey,   an art gallery of artists who have dared to take the risks, and follow their passions, and finally Dare to be Wild Creative FB Community Forum where you can share your own creativity, ask questions, meet fellow artists and begin a practice.

We hope you will enjoy and return many times to be inspired, to connect and to ignite your own creativity.



This is a section of inspirations for expansive thinking,  relaxing old stories that limit,  feeling the joy of Life, and to listen to that small whisper that leads to a bigger vision,  and to the very essence of the Creative soul within.




Audio meditative experience connecting to the infinite expansive of all creativity.  Open to the inner voice of the heart's desire. Find out what deep inner longings want to come forth.
By Suzanne Jacquot




“yes is the answer and you know that for sure.”  John Lennon

This 125 page book, Making Art a Practice, by Cat Bennett, is an easy read.  It is full of wise wisdom for motivating and starting your own art practice.  Cat addresses the trepidation that many creatives feel when they set out on the creative path. 



featured topic

Suzanne and Grant talk about the creative journey and the important qualities for inner visioning and their own experience of saying "Yes!" and how it has impacted their lives.


feature artist

Janet Echelman is an American sculptor and artist.  She overcame great odds and opened to imagined possibilities to build living breathing sculpture environments that respond to the forces of nature --- wind, water, and light --- and become inviting focal points for civic life. 



Words and images to help open our horizons and shift our thoughts to imaginative possibilities.  The power of words.  Living intentionally.  Whispers of intuition.  The grit of authenticity.  Sharing our gifts with the world.


Dares and techniques to help create a sustainable, alive, regular practice of creativity and staying the course of the heart.



artists gallery

Joan Mitchell
A courageous and generous mid twentieth century abstract painter.  Klaus Kertess wrote, “She transformed the gestural painterliness of Abstract Expressionism into a vocabulary so completely her own that it could become ours as well. Her ability to reflect the flow of her consciousness in that of nature, and in paint, is all but unparalleled.” 

David Smith
American abstract expressionist sculptor and painter, best known for creating large steel abstract geometric sculptures.   "I will not change an error if it feels right, for the error is more human than perfection. I do not seek answers. I haven’t named this work nor thought where it would go. I haven’t thought what it is for, except that it is made to be seen. I’ve made it because it comes closer to saying who I am than any other method I can use. "


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