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DARE TO BE WILD! / Issue #2



                                          RHYTHM --- HOW IT MOVES YOU (IN YOUR ART AND LIFE)




Questions from the video to reflect upon:

- What inspires you?

- What is Inner Visioning to You?   What is Your Inner-visioning?

- How to keep it alive? (active)


Art enables us to lose ourselves and find ourselves at the same time.
— Thomas Merton

The restlessness in the human heart will never by finally stilled by any person, project, or place. The longing is eternal. This is what constantly qualifies and enlarges our circles of belonging. There is a constant and vital tension between longing and belonging. Without the shelter of belonging our longings would lack direction. focus, and context, they would be aimless and haunted, constantly tugging the heart in a myriad of opposing directions. Without belonging, our longing would be demented. As memory gathers and anchors time, so does belonging shelter longing. Belonging without longing would be empty and dead, a cold frame around emptiness. One often notices this in relationships where the longing has died; they have become arrangements, and there is no longer any shared or vital presence. When longing dies, creativity ceases. The arduous task of being a human is to balance longing and belonging so that they work with and against each other to ensure that all the potential and gifts that sleep in the clay of the heart may be awakened and realized in this one life. All our longing is but an eternal echo of the Divine Longing which has created us and sustains us here. Sheltered within the embrace of that Great Belonging we can dare to let our longing lead us towards the mountain of transfiguration.
— John O'Donohue



Courage to Create,  Rollo May, 1994

Beauty, the invisible embrace,
John O'Donohue, March, 2005

Making Art a Practice, 30 ways to paint a pipe (How to be the Artist you are), Cat Bennett, 2013







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