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January: Inner Visioning



New Possibilities----Re-framing with words.

Living an intentional life through Shifting Perspectives

"I call the moment when you fully know that a change is achievable realizing the imaginative possible. When you are able to envision that an alternative is real, you experience a sudden energetic surge towards actualizing it, which becomes self reinforcing."  -Phillip Moffitt

Robert's direct experience

Last year I retired.  I felt lost and needed to redefine myself and find out what I wanted to do.  In the process, I came across the idea of reframing: using different words, different metaphors, to express my feelings and views.  If I reframed my views, I could see them in a different way, seeing new possibilities.  For example, I sometimes said "I was wounded in the past", which made me feel I needed to heal.  But if I used the words "I learned this in the past" instead, then all I needed was to do it differently today.  By using different words I could view my past in a new way and that allowed me to change.

By viewing my past with open hearted curiosity and humble gratitude, I found that I could let go of my expectations, interpretations, and certainty.  I saw that I had skills.  I gained confidence.

As I began expressing myself in this new way, I saw new possibilities.  Some of those possibilities felt real, I could do it.  Along with that came the energy to carry out my dreams, seeing what Phillip Moffitt calls the imaginative possible..

Taking Imagination Seriously-----

Janet Echelman's journey to realize her creative dream..... Think Big!  And don't give up. 

Young Inspirational Visionary of our times, Prince EA.

Questions for support----phone buddies

  1. Name, vision (to be chosen at one-on-one session) and goals (one year and 5 month and 1 month)

    Eg.      Name:  Suzanne Jacquot

                Vision:  Quiet observer igniting fireworks

    1 yr     Goals:  Settle into new house and studio

                Have workshops in new studio

                Create 10 3’ x 3’ paintings

    5mo    Goals:  Sell house and relocate

                Get 20 pieces of art ready for show for April curated by  Colin Tolcroft

                Make 3 paintings 3’ x 3’

                Make 3 paintings 16” x 16”

                Make 3 paintings 24” x 24” 

    1 mo   Goals:  Finish Art website

                Finish 1 paintings 3’ x 3’

                Make 2 paintings 16 x 16”

                Seal frames for 20 art images 12 x 12”

  2. What do you say is happening in your work right now? (An invitation to look inventively at what is).

    Eg - Feel inspired and going out the starting gate

  3. What action did you take toward your goal this week?       

    Eg. –seal 10 frames, work on 3’ x 3’ painting

  4. What are your stories about your work?

    Eg. -what am I doing? Too hard, should be easier
          - don’t have enough time, too much to do.      

  5.  Who are you being in those stories?

                Eg-feeling old, time will pass me by

6.   Did you make up that way of being?
                       Eg-Yes, to be pressured that there isn’t enough time

7. Invent a new way of being based on nothing.  Take a stand:          
                       Eg - Age isn’t important. I get energized when I paint

8.  What is the possibility for your life’s body of work?. 

            Eg -For my art, to bring a joyful presence into a room.

       9.  What action will you take this week toward your goal?

            Eg. –continue to paint, explore ideas and notice all the things I am grateful fo

10.      Invent a miracle for today.

            Eg –My curiosity and joy multiples my energy to paint.

11.      For what do you acknowledge yourself right now?

            Eg -Asking for what I need and appreciate how I shows up in my life

            -Jumping in wholeheartedly w good attitude

            -Setting up Big goals, and pushing the envelope

12.  End with a an inspiring quote such as: 

Do you know that “Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace, and the soul who knows it not knows no release from little things.” – Amelia Earhart

Affirmations for Artists, Eric Maisel

The Quiet Eye, a Way of Looking at Pictures, Sylvia Shaw Judson

The Soul of the World, A Modern Book of Hours, Edited by Phil Cousineau


"The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell.
Don't go back to sleep.
You must ask yourself
what you really want.
Don't go back to sleep....
People are going back and forth
across the doorsill
where two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don't go back to sleep."

By Rumi

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